Top Ten Barriers to Having a High Performance Work Culture

Organizations today must be an unified culture of high performance if they wish to thrive and leave a legacy to the next generation. Achieving a high performance culture can be done provided these top 10 barriers have been removed.

  1. Barrier of Beliefs: Beliefs drive the attitudes that are demonstrated through behaviors. Until the beliefs are identified, behaviors will not change.
  2. Barrier of Thinking: Many people are on auto pilot because they have been conditioned how to perform their jobs. People need to remove the barriers so that they can begin to think proactively and look at their roles and responsibilities differently.
  3. Barrier of Ethics: The lack of unified and shared ethics within any organization creates an incredible barrier. When a company has clearly articulated what having high ethics means within that organization, becoming a high performance company is much easier.
  4. Barrier of People Development: The world is a much faster and more complex place and should the business world be any different. People are expected to do more with less time. This is possible if training matures into development by helping people be better at what they currently are doing.
  5. Barrier of Goal Achievement: Goals are a part of any organization. Yet, most people do not know how to consistently plan, set and achieve personal goals, let along professional or organizational ones.
  6. Barrier of Measurement: What gets measured, gets managed. Measurement requires understanding what needs to be measured and why that needs to be measured. Judgements need to be made and in today’s world, making judgments has become viewed as a negative.
  7. Barrier of Leadership: Without effective leadership, high performance is the impossible dream. You have a better chance of catching a windmill that moving your organization forward into a culture of high performance.
  8. Barrier of Policies & Procedures: Are you easy to do business with both with external and internal customers? How much business are you losing because of your policies and procedures? What impact do these rules and regulations have on the performance of your employees?
  9. Barrier of Working the Strategic Plan Consistently: Plans are designed to be work and not placed on a shelf or in a drawer to be taken out once a year. All efforts must be consistently reviewed to determine alignment with the plan and to adjust for any necessary course corrections.
  10. Barrier of Consistent Communication:
  11. Communication is the linkage between all the barriers. Without consistent communication, you may have people potentially working against each other and draining your bottom line.

Are these the only barriers? No. However, these are the key barriers that are currently keeping your organization or business from getting to where you want to be – a high performance culture where transformational change is always in the air.