Top Ten Cocktail Apps for the Blackberry

There is nothing worse than having a get together and nobody knows how to make a decent cocktail. Sometimes a simple vodka and tonic is not enough for the guests. You can be the life of the party when you whip out one of these top ten cocktail apps for the Blackberry that help you to either mix some great cocktails with food or choose the right wine for your meal.

1. Bartender Pro – This app offers a wide variety of drinks that can be browsed by name or by alcohol type. Have a few different types of booze? Input them and the app tells you what you can make with them and also shows those drinks that may need just one more ingredient.

2. Easy Bartender – Not only can you search for your favorite drink recipes with this app, but you can also input your own recipes to show your favorite bartender at the local watering hole. There are also games and a full search engine.

3. Wine & Food Guide – Always have a problem knowing what wine goes best with your meal. While the white meat white wine method can be used, it is not nearly detailed enough. With the Wine & Food Guide, you can input your meal and it comes back with the best wine to drink with it.

4. MixMentor – This app offers more than just recipes for common and popular drinks, it also offers definitions of terminology. There are also many different drinking games for those who are tired of the old standard quarters.

5. Wine Tasting – Always wanted to go to a wine tasting but never had the chance? Simply pull up this app and have one at your home. All the tips and steps are included along with an extensive wine list.

6. Mobile Bartender – This is one of the few apps that actually contain a full section for drop shots. Drop shots are those shots that require the shot to be dropped into another glass of liquid and some are even set on fire first.

7. Wine Profiles – Learning about wines and regions is made easy with this app for the Blackberry. Input a wine and see what it is rated.

8. Drink Buddy – When throwing a party, it can be helpful to know what your guest's blood alcohol level is before you let them drive home. All you need is weight and height and all of your friends can have their BAC levels tracked for the duration of the party.

9. Wine of the Day – Want to increase your knowledge of wine on a daily basis. This app features a wine of the day and gives you all of the information on each one.

10. Cocktail Mixer Remixed – The perfect companion for holiday drink recipes, the Cocktail Mixer Remixed offers more than just recipes for the holidays but drinks all year round.

Nothing is better than throwing a party for family and friends. With the above apps, you can have the best parties or wine tasting around.