Top Ten Most Popular Christian Art Prints

Christian Art can encompass a multitude of creations. There is no way to pick the best, however, the following 10 offers are varied forms of Christian Art. Some of these pieces are quite substantial, some are simple others multifaceted – combining the modern with the ancient. This list is only an artistic impression and opinion and a minuscule part of the great collections of Christian Art. The order in which they are given is not necessarily of importance.

The Body of Christ – Danny Hahlbohm
This is an extraordinary rendition of what Christ is. A body composed of the gathering of souls from every walk-of-life are encompassed within one magnificent spirit, depicting the accumulation of souls making up the superlative Body of Christ.

Gethsemane – A Print
A print depicting Christ getting comforted by an Angel, having a significant impact that relates to how Angels hold a significant role in the caring and comforting of souls, no matter what role you play in this life.

Stairway to Heaven – Jim Warren
A modern rendition of an important route to the heavens and what awaits you there. This simplistic piece of art leads you to wonder what exactly is at the top of that beautiful stairway. It's natural beginnings from ocean to sky and the promise of what could be there. Just follow the dove that awaits at the bottom of the stairway.

Probably among the most Christian pieces of art ever produced. The single trail of footprints depicting person that needs help and is supported by that invisible substantiation although only one set of feet are visible, and the words that accompaniment this art speak volumes, it is an extremely positive and popular portrait of Christian Art.

The Last Supper – Gebhard Fugel
Of all the various paintings of this most famous subject, The Last Supper by Gebhard Fugel, offers an un-glorified rendition, indicating that in fact, glory, gold and richness were not necessarily present when the Last Supper took place.

Noah's Ark – Edward Hicks
This is a superb painting of Noah's Ark. Having been instructed to do so by God Noah built an ark in order to save all the animals. The arc is a realistic size, enough to house the animals as they file in two by two. The more you look the more detail you find and this artist captured the story perfectly.

The Head of God – Michelangelo Buonarroti
Is not God supposed to be full of strength, enough to carry the Universe? Well, in this painting the strength and power behind the sharp eyes and determined features are depicted perfectly.

The Holy Face – The Volto Santo
This paiting conjures up the sadness and uncertainty of Christ. Crowned with thorns and with pleading eyes and a perplexed frown Christ truly has taken on the sins of the world. His eyes will unquestionably hold your gaze.

Madonna of the Poor – Feruzzi
This could be any time anywhere. A young mother cradling her sleeping baby, a baby that is oblivious to the angry world and sleeps peacefully inside her mothers embrace, not yet aware of the poverty or riches it has been endowed with. Despite the rain the Mother has a definite calmness about her.

Angels, Details of the Sistine Madonna – Raphael
This wonderful portrait of two angels verifies that cherubs are no less mischievous than our own cherubs are. Just trying so hard to look innocent yet, wondering what mischief they can get into next, these two fantastic little angels tell all. Displaying the fact that even artists of the Renaissance had a sense of humor.

These Christian Art choices are simply an artistic opinion about getting away from the normal, very intense and warrior laden pictures depicting Christian Art. There is such a peaceful and spiritual feeling depicted in these paintings.