Top Ten Romantic Pick Up Lines to Steal a Lady’s Heart

Courting a lady is not just that easy especially if she prefers to be in a serious relationship with a guy. Girls usually turn down guys for some reasons. There are some guys who are just very proud of themselves in the sense that they become very conceited for a girl to handle. Several guys don’t even know on how to do sweet gestures for the girl they love. Much more, there are even those who don’t know on how to throw romantic pick up lines to hook the attention of a certain lady.

There are many sweet romantic pick up lines that can be used by guys. Some are quite effective but some are not. What then are the ten most effective romantic pick up lines that can surely catch the heart of the lady they love? Here are the following, so check it out!

Girls are somewhat narcissistic in nature so every girl will surely love to hear these words,

“How does it feel to be the prettiest woman in the room?”. This is the number one pick up line that can make a woman’s heart jump with joy.

Go Direct and Simple

“I think I love you” is a line that is direct and a little risky but it can make a woman think that you are serious with her. It may sound like he’s a hopeless romantic but it is still a good thing.

“With my luck, you are probably with someone” is a statement that best thrown to a lady who is truly in a serious relationship but if she isn’t, this statement is least flattering.

“My heart skipped a beat when I saw you.” There are lots of cheesy lines, but this one could actually be true. If a guy is really in love with a girl, this line will automatically come out of their mouth.

“Are you as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside?” A girl loves to hear appreciation from a guy who courts her. She wants to be appreciated not only physically but most especially she wants to be valued as the whole of her being.

The Situational Style

“Let’s walk in the rain.” This is situational. If in case it is raining, the guy must show his playful side to the girl. He must show to her that he is not a boring man.

“Let’s sit by the fire and get warm.” This line becomes more romantic when you’re at a bonfire. This is maybe one of the most irresistible things that a man can say to a girl in this situation.

The Narcissistic Approach

“You are so charming!” As mentioned earlier, girls are narcissistic in nature. This line may boost their confidence but a man must be careful on how he throw this line for it may sound sarcastic to a girl sometimes.

“God was showing off when he made you.” This line is a little bit cheesy. Some girls may not smile when a guy utter this line but the guy knows that somehow he made the girl’s heart bounce with gladness.

“You are the girl of my dreams.” Women want guys who are vocal and have confidence. This line is one of the mainly straight pickup lines; it is also one of the most flattering words.

These ten romantic pick up lines will surely help men to catch steel the heart of their women. But they must use these lines at the right time.