Top Tips for Rug Cleaning

Rugs are beautiful pieces of art that makes our rooms look luxurious and beautiful. In order to buy a new rug we have to give lumps of money. So cleaning is the best method to save money as well as to be healthy and hygienic. Pet stains and dirt are the common irritants found on your rug.

To ensure the durability of your rug, you must first know of what material is your asset really made of and what sort of colors are used on it. This can be found out easily from the retailer from who you had bought your rug. Otherwise there is a chance of color fastening or damages the material if you wash it with cleansers that are not mild. For example, rugs like Silk rugs and Persian rugs can only be washed with mild cleansers or shampoos that contains no or very less amounts of chemicals in it. Before washing your carpet, you can just vacuum your rug so that all the soil and dust particles that accumulate on the surface can be removed.

After vacuuming, you can start washing your rug with a mild shampoo or cleanser. If you are using a brush for cleaning your rug, then handle it with extreme care as the wet rug can be damaged very fast. You should remove all the residue from the rug so that when we place it to rinse, it can attract grime and dirt. Then you can just dry your rug either using a dryer or just keeping it in sun.