Toppik Reviews

Now it is time to really check out the Toppik reviews. Many people argue that Toppik is the real reason that the celebrities in Hollywood have great hair. The makers of Toppik have the before and after photos to prove their point, however, whether this is true or as a result of Photoshop is not known. Toppik is made up of pure organic keratin proteins which is the ingredient found in human hair. This organic keratin protein is a wool source and is perfectly safe for long term exposure.

The ingredients in Toppik include Keratin, Ammonium chloride, silica, DMDM Hydration, and Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate.

How Toppik Works

The keratin proteins are electrostatically charged and hence are attracted to the hair shafts, which have a negative charge, therefore, as the protein fibers bind to the hair shafts, the hair appears thicker. Toppik does not interfere with your hair loss and it also does not increase hair regrowth. Toppik is just a cosmetic enhancement and its effect largely disappears once you stop using it. It is also important to note that Toppik will not give you back the hair that you had before balding started. Regardless of the level of thickness that a hair product can give you, the fact that there is less hair to work with means that full coverage will not be achieved quickly. Individuals with more thinning can therefore find themselves at a disadvantage.

Many users of Toppik rate it favorably because of the following reasons:

· It is not as messy when compared with other hair products. The Toppik fibers are easier to handle.

· It holds better than similar products whether an adhesive spray is used or not.

· It rarely runs.

· It makes hair look fuller.

· It can be used to cover up thinning spots while using Minoxidil, Provillus or Rogaine to regrow your hair.

The main disadvantages of Toppik are:

· You must have some hair to see results. If you are excessively bald, there will be no hair for the fibers to grab onto and hence Toppik will not work for you. Toppik can only give you a thicker hair if you have some existing hair to work with.

· -If Toppik is worn to bed, it may stain your pillows. Also excessive stress as a result of the fibers may actually lead to balding. This includes brushing vigorously when hair is wet or subjecting the hair to heat stress. The application of hair thickener fibers will not harm the hair and therefore not cause balding.

· It is only a temporary solution to the thinning problem. Give your scalp some exposure. Do not sleep with fibers always.

· You may also develop a dependency on the product and some users feel that their self image is affected if they have not worn it.

· The fibers may not work well in the frontal regions as opposed to the back regions of the head.

· It may take quite some practice to get the right color match and coverage.

Toppik may be costlier that similar products in the market but given that users give it a favorable rating, then the quality might be worth every cent spent. In the final analysis, before using Toppik, just remember that you need to have some hair for the fibers to hang on to.