Toro Electric Shovel – Get A Genuine Deal on This Little Workhorse

Toro is a company that is well-known for superior professional and domestic lawnmowers and garden equipment. they also produce a range of excellent snow blowers. I wrote this article to tell you about the brilliant Toro Electric Shovel and to help you find the best place to buy one for a low price.

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The toro power shovel plus is a small, lightweight electric snow blower designed for smaller snow clearance jobs. It's not meant to replace a full-sized gas-powered snow thrower. But if you've seen one in action you'll be surprised how powerful and useful the Toro 38361 power shovel really is. In fact this little toro electric snowblower has several advantages over larger, heavier machines.

How Does The Toro 38361 Work?

A series wound 7.5 Amp motor, designed for high torque at lower speeds powers a two-blade plastic rotor. The rotor brushes snow and throws it forwards up to 20 feet as you push it along. You use the Toro power shovel almost like a vacuum cleaner, push it forward as it clears snow.

Using this little electric snowblower is much easier than shaving personally and takes the back ache and pulled muscles out of clearing the driveway. The Toro 38361 does the hard work of lifting and moving heavy snow for you. Forget the shovel or plastic scoop, the Toro Power Shovel can move 300 pounds per minute!

Clearing decks, small driveways, walkways or sidewalks is easy and fun with the Toro Power Shovel.

How to find the best deal on the Toro Electric Shovel

There are dozens of online stores to buy a Power Shovel. Prices vary and some stores seem cheap until you add in shipping charges. You also need to consider how long it will take to reach you. How good is the after sales service? If there's a problem is it resolved quickly?