Total Life Makeover: Four Areas of Life That Could Use a Face Lift

Does every area of your life seem to be disorganized, disheveled, and unsatisfying? Are your finances out of order, your house a mess, and your relationships nonexistent? Are you overweight like most Americans? If this is a description of you, then you are a perfect candidate for a total life makeover. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many people are experiencing the same results in life and wondering why they can’t seem to get it together. The excuses we give for our empty way of living are: not enough time, money, energy or help to accomplish our life goals and get our act together.

In many ways these excuses are much more than excuses. In fact they are areas of your life that you have some control over. I have identified 4 major areas that everyone could improve. Making improvements in these areas is the key to pulling yourself out of the chaos and moving on to a productive life. The four areas are: Spirituality, Emotional well being, Physical health, and financial stability.


Having a relationship with God is the first step in organizing a disheveled life. Research shows that prayer helps alleviate stress and has healing properties as well. People that believe in a higher power often have a since of purpose for their life and tend to surround themselves with people that share similar life goals. Reading and following biblical principles aids in establishing moral integrity, which helps us set standards for our lives. Focus on spiritual growth and a search for life purpose motivates us to live the best life we can live.

Emotional Well Being

Focusing on creating peace and tranquility in your life is another way of organizing your life. Treating yourself well, talking to a counselor, coach, or professional to overcome stress and anxiety, and practicing relaxation techniques are ways that we prepare ourselves for productivity and accomplish our life goals.

Physical Health

Research suggests that we should exercise at least three times a week. Exercise increases endorphins in the body that helps alleviate stress and depression. Also, people that are physically fit often have high self esteem in comparison to those who have negative self image. Exercising on a regular basis helps reduce the chances of heart disease, diabetes, and of course obesity. It also helps us establish a routine in our life for wellness and gives us energy and motivation to obtain goals.

Financial Stability

When your money is in order you tend to worry less and feel stable and secure. People that struggle to live according to a budget or simply live check to check have higher levels of stress and low self esteem. Financial stability combined with physical health, emotional well being, spiritual connection completes a recipe for success. When these things are in order, other things fall into place.

So if you are tired of living a chaotic, discombobulated life, start by making changes in these four major areas of your life. Connection with God, less stress, physical wellness, and financial stability are the beginning of successful living.