Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner is a SUV based on the Toyota Hilux. This great car was first assembled in Thailand only, however, due to its popularity it has gone to many other countries as well. This is considered to be a very reliable and comfortable SUV and one that you need to experience to note the difference. There are many SUV cars in the roads these days and it is therefore extremely important to be able to see the difference that they have on the roads.

The Toyota Fortuner was recently known for its tendency to roll over easily, however, this is considered to be a problem that most of the SUV have anyway and not a manufacturing problem. When you are able to experience a Toyota Fortuner, you will be able to see the difference. There are many people that are very dedicated to this special model and they consider it to be very durable and comfortable. It is also very important to note that this particular model is strong on rough terrain and that is perhaps these kinds of cars are very popular in countries where the road conditions are not up to the mark. In fact, we could come to the conclusion that these kinds of cars are better off the roads that on the roads.

The big wheels of the car and the four wheel driving can prove to be a bit too much for the ladies of the club, however, it can be considered to be an excellent choice for the macho men that love to be on the rough terrain at all times. You will also have to be very careful with the brakes. Big wheels react differently to brakes in comparison to small wheels. Therefore, this may not be the kind of car you want to take for a test drive around the center of the city in the evening hours.

The Toyota Fortuner comes with a diesel engine and the engine has a lot of power at 120Kw and fuel consumption is very efficient making it a very wonderful car to choose for long distance driving, which is not going to make much difference to your budget and your mileage as well.

Toyota has been able to make a lot of improvements in their car manufacturing, and one of the most important improvements has been on the comfort that you can derive while driving a Toyota Fortuner on any kind of roads.