Trailer Awnings

Trailer awnings are usually stand alone type lightweight aluminum alloy units, with fabric or canvas roof. The awning may either be fixed or retractable type. Properly designed mobile home awnings will stay taut and strong in all weather conditions. Supporting ribs provide extra strength to the structure and prevent the roof and sides from collecting water and sagging.

A trailer is a small motorized van, in which people can live and travel simultaneously. In the US, travel trailers have had a long and diverse history that can be traced as far back as the 1920s. Those early trailers were little better than tin cans and were called exactly that. Trailers later became more comfortable and were called? House Trailers ?. During the 1950s and 1960s, the industry evolved into two separate industries, rarely recreational vehicle industry and the mobile home industry.

Smaller sized trailers generally are less than 18? long and contain only basic amenities. By design, they are lightweight, weighing less than 3000 lbs and are easy to set up for camping or to prepare for travel. Due to their compact design and light weight, they are usually towed with a large car. Mid-range travel trails are spacious and contain more amenities. They are 18? to 25? long, can weigh in excess of 5000 lbs, and generally have to be towed with a powerful pick up truck or an SUV. Large sized travel trailers are designed for the seasonal or full-time user. These are between 25? and 40? long and contain all the comforts of a luxury condominium such as multiple TVs, washing machine, a dishwasher, refrigerators and air conditioners as well as an in house power generator.

When mobile home awnings act as canopies, they provide shade to a small porch, patio, or deck to enable people to enjoy the outdoors without the fear of sun burns. Some awnings even come with wiring fixed into the skeleton, so the travelers can connect the power supply and stay outside at night. Small and medium trailer owners may choose manually retractable mobile home awnings, while large trailer owners may find the deluxe motorized versions more suitable.