TrailMaster Lift Kits – The Only Way To Avoid The Problems With Pot Holes

I am 21 and come from Germany. Now I have to do an internship in the U.S. for 6 months that takes place in San Diego. I love this city! Everything is so different from my home in Germany and everyone knows that different things are better things. And to be honest this saying is true in my case. I love the beaches here, the weather and of course the people. They are so friendly and open minded. We have had the best parties here during my first days after my arrival. But one thing is definitely better in Germany; the condition of the streets. We spend so much money on the improvement of the roads and highways that it is nearly ridiculous, but I didn’t fully understand the advantages of this policy until I came to the USA. In Germany, there are no damages to the car and no sudden scares due to road holes during drives. It is awesome. But here in the USA it is quite the contrast. There are road holes everywhere and you must take care to avoid all the threats of these. This is why I asked a few guys what to do with my car. I have a Cadillac Escalade and I am not willing to destroy it within the first two months. So, one of my American friends gave me some advice. He said that suspension lift kits are able to lift my car so that it can not touch the ground when driving over a pothole. Beside this great benefit, it also makes my car look great. So I found two benefits from just one piece of advice. Is this not the American dream? Maybe not yet, but you just have to imagine two hot girls sitting in the car and watching a fat flat screen and playing PlayStation during the drive; I think then your dream came true.

But I want to tell you more details about the TrailMaster lift kit because I think my friend is right about the benefits of it. Each Trailmaster Suspension Lift Kit comes complete with all the components you need to raise your rig from 2″ to 6″ and I think it is very important to have this attribute. Beside that I want to mention that only hard-wearing materials, like ductile iron and high-grade steel, are used to build Trailmaster Lift Kits. Another benefit for me, since I’m not such a car freak, is the fact that you can install it by yourself in 1 day with basic tools and moderate mechanical skill. I think these advantages are enough argument to buy these products. And I think I will buy it as soon as possible and possibly I take it with me to Germany. Of course I do not need it in order to avoid the difficulties with the road holes, as I mentioned, but it looks so great. And looking great is a benefit in each country!