Trane and Other Top Brands of Furnaces & Air Conditioners

All of us want to keep warm in the cold winter months, and what better way to keep warm than installing a furnace. Trane is one of the leading furnace manufacturers and they offer a nice selection of various kinds of heating units. A Trane gas furnace gives us the option of providing energy efficient heating and operates at a 95% efficiency which means that 95% of the fuel you pay for is actually being used to provide heat to your home. In addition, Trane heating and cooling units vary in size making them small enough to fit into nearly every area within your home or large enough to cover big homes. Trane products are all tested to maintain long durability and performance.

Along with keeping warm in the cold winter months, it is a good idea to remain cool in the warm summer months as well. That is where Fedders air conditioning comes into play. Fedders, like Trane gas furnace and air units, offers you the option of having a portable air conditioner or the regular room air conditioner. The portable air conditioner can come in handy in many different situations. Not only does Fedder corporation offer excellent service to their customers but they are also in partnership with the national breast cancer foundation, supporting the foundation to hopefully find a cure for breast cancer.

Another well known brand in the air conditioning world is Goldstar. Goldstar offers a variety of different types of air conditioners. Nearly all of their air systems consist of a soft touch remote, digital timer up to 12 hours, and an even cooling sensation produced by a turbo fan. In addition, Goldstar is well known for its high efficiency and energy savings. Lastly, they offer a variety of different sizes to better accommodate their customers.

In competition with Fedders and Goldstar is Haier heating and air systems. Haier is one of the topped ranked air conditioners by consumers. One reason this air conditioner gains a competitive advantage against its competitors is partially due how quiet the air conditioner is when it is running versus the other competitors. Like Goldstar and Fedder it has high efficiency and does save consumers money due to its energy saving technology.

Trane gas furnace and cooling options along with the all of the other top rated brands offer better and more efficient solutions for heating and cooling in the home. Consumers face tough decisions on which air conditioner is best due to all the pros and cons of each air conditioner, hopefully consumers can reach a decision quickly as the summer months are bound to reach high temperatures. Make sure you research to get information about Fedders, Goldstar, Haier and Trane gas furnace and cooling units before you make your final decision.