Transvaginal Mesh Represents a Treatment Procedure That Might Not Be Too Safe

For many women childbirth represents the pinnacle moment of their life and it is probably one of the reasons a child can save many things in a relationship. Having another life depending on your own will require you to focus not only on the others in your family but also on your own actions and health. After childbirth, women experience changes in their bodies. One of them is known as pelvic organ prolapse, a condition that occurs when the muscles and tissue between the pelvic organs and vaginal wall can no longer support the organs, causing them to bulge into the wall of the vagina.

One treatment procedure available for patients suffering from pelvic organ prolapse is transvaginal mesh implants, a device meant to offer reinforcement to the muscles and tissues that are weak and therefore offer support to the pelvic organ, preventing them to bulge into the vaginal wall and in some cases beyond it.

Unfortunately, many medical studies have linked this treatment procedure to severe and painful complications. Even the Food and Drug Administration issued a public health warning after thousand of reports received for patients regarding the harmful effects of transvaginal mesh procedures. This treatment option has lead many patients to experience bleeding, severe pain, organ like blood vessels and bladder being perforated and infections.

Women that have been injured after having transvaginal mesh surgery may be entitled to receive compensation to cover all the damages the product has caused them. Before filing a lawsuit, it is very important to make sure you are indeed the victim of this product’s negative effects. Consulting with a specialized and determined lawyer with years of experience dealing with similar cases will be of great help, as he will know exactly what to look for and what to do. Getting proper compensation is vital due to the fact that it will cover all your medical expenses, any lost wages and all the pain and suffering the patient may have endured because of the product. Your legal defender will have to prove that the mesh used in your surgery is the cause of your injuries and that it is can be a threat to all patients using this pelvic organ prolapse treatment procedure. This will be achieved by bringing undeniable medical evidence in court, evidence that cannot be denied even by the defenders of the companies that make and distribute the product. Getting properly compensated is the first step in the right direction in the mission to get your life back on a positive track.