Travel in Turkey

Bosporus Strait is the border between the east and west and the country that is set on its side is an amalgamation of both. Turkey is a temptation for almost every tourist on the planet. You can find the latest western spa here just beside the alluring Asian pavement market. Christian bells matching its pleasing tinkles with holy muezzin and ethnic tints on modern colonies- the Bosporus Land is beyond comparison. It utters saga of some of the most transcend emperorships on the planet including Romans and Ottomans. Apart from historical and cultural abundance, the country is famed among tourists for its natural richness also. Its extensive coastline, high peaks and tranquil lakes are unmatched.

With millions of tourist influx every year, Turkey tourism has set a benchmark in Mediterranean countries. Zones of tourism in Turkey are divided into various regions, which are known as bouquet of some of the most dazzling offerings of Turkey. Its lush terrain and stunning archaeological sites are most sought after. For maximum voyagers, Turkey is the place to witness the unique blend of Asia and Europe where one side of the road is crammed with European colonies while other side is a reflection of true Asian architecture. Istanbul- The capital city of the country is a fascination for explorers who opt for travel in Turkey. The city is divided into two parts by famous ‘Golden Horn’. One part of this city is located in Asia while other is in Europe; these sections are respectively known as ‘Old Section’ and ‘Modern Section’. It is often remarked as ‘Imperial Istanbul’.

The city is an assortment of natural splendor, historical attraction and wonderful architecture. Serpentine column, Walls of Constantinople, Galata Tower and Hagia Sofia are some of the gorgeous erections, which enlighten the bygone magnificence of the city.

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Getting There-

Istanbul has two international airports on its both sides, which are connected via Bosporus Link.

Accommodation in Turkey-

The Mediterranean country sees an arrival millions of voyagers every year from all around the globe. To accommodate them there are numerous hotels in Turkey. These Turkey hotels are available in almost every range, depends on your choice.