Treat Hammer Toe Deformity and Look Better

A bent toe, called Hammer Toe Deformity, is an eye sore. The sooner it is corrected the better. Genetics is the most important factor causing this disorder. Other factors are side effects of other ailments like arthritis. Another man made factor which is self made is wearing ill fitting shoes. Arthritis can not be invented. Genetics is inherited.

Hammer Toe deformity, though not good to look at does not need immediate treatment. But when there is pain it is better to get it corrected. Also wear the correct shoes. Getting corrective surgery done may be an option. It is not recommended as the time to heel after surgery may be a little too long. It may take a month or two to heel completely. A rehabilitation plan is needed for the post surgery period.

Surgery for Hammer Toe Defercity severely restricts all activity for about 15 days. The foot has to be kept at a high place. Care should be taken to see that during the rehabilitation period the affected foot is kept completely dry. Particular care should be taken, till the stitches are removed. More severe cases, involving a great deformity, the surgery procedures may be a little more complicated. The surgeon introduces a pin in the toe and keeps it there for about one and a half months.

Hammer Toe Deformity develops in high arched or flat feet more easily than in normal feet. This is due to the abnormal shape of the feet. This happens because of the tension tendons between the top and bottom of the toe, in the case of high arched feet. Because of the high arch the toe will naturally get dropped down and cause a deformity. This is something which is unavoidable without the high arch of the foot can be straightened. Treating the affected toe may be an easier proposition.

Flat footed people also have a great possibility of getting affected by Hammer Toe Deformity. As in the case of high arched feet this is the result of the tension in the tendons at the bottom and at the top of the toe due to the deformed shape of the foot. A possible way of preventing or slowing down of getting affected this way is to use supports in the shoe in the arch of the foot. This prevails the tensions causing the bending of the toe. Whatever the measures measure the deformity of the toe will occur due to natural causes and the progress can only be slowed down.

Troubled by pain and hurt, Hammer Toe Deformity does not require any medical treatment. It can be left to itself without a person getting an inferiority complex because of the deformity. A podiatrist may be consulted for suggestions. Arch supports are available in shops dealing with sports goods. Any artificial measures taken other than surgery will be cumbersome and may interfere with daily activity. It is better to leave Hammer Toe Deferity unattended if there is no pain.