Treatment For Your Fear of Elevators

Having a fear of elevators may actually be a combination of claustrophobia and a fear of heights. So by being in an elevator someone that has these fears will experience double the anxiety. With practice, time and patience it is possible to overcome the fear of elevators but you need to stay positive and realize that it will take time.

Virtual reality therapy is an effective form of treatment but should only be done with a licensed therapist. You will enter and move the elevator displayed on a computer screen, so that you yourself are in a safe environment while experiencing the elevator. Once you have done this adequately you will practice using a real elevator with your therapist.

Hypnosis is also a popular way to overcome phobias in that it can reprogram your fears. It allows your subconscious to understand why you feel fear and then let you experience your first moment that caused the elevator fear as an adult to discover that the experience does not cause fear as an adult. Many times phobias are based on childhood experiences and by using an adult's logic you can over them.

Energy therapy which is like acupuncture can realign your body's energy lines so that you do not feel fear in stressful situations. You can learn to control your anxieties using thought and take control over your bodies response to elevators. Neuro-Linguistic Programming also allows you to recreate a reality in which you are no longer afraid of elevators.

A fear of elevators does not have to be severe but can be very annoying when you need to go up to the 75th floor and do not want to take the stairs. Many individuals may not think of it as a problem but to those with this fear it can be a large cause of anxiety and stress. It is possible to overcome this fear with some help as it mainly is a psychological problem.