Trends in Wedding Chandeliers

If you have looked at any bridal magazines, one thing is clear: chandeliers are in! It looks that every wedding these days, whether formal or informal, inside or outside, just is not fully decorated until it is bedecked with fabulous chandeliers. From the classic to the contemporary, this is a look at the latest trends in wedding chandeliers.

The traditional place for chandeliers is in the center of a grand ballroom. The glittering teardrop crystals are a fabulous accent for a wedding and look especially gorgeous at the kind of wedding where the bride and bridesmaids are adorned with spectacular crystal jewelry sets. The opulent ceiling lighting makes a nice complement to the sparkle of the equally fantastic sets of crystal wedding jewelry.

Formal ballroom weddings are not the only places that chandeliers are being seen these days. There is a big trend towards renting smaller drop chandeliers that can be suspended over each and every dining table at the reception. They can be done in the traditional crystal drop design, but more modern styles are also in vogue. Cylindrical shaped tiers with closely hung crystals have a retro-chic style, and all black chandeliers make a striking modern-Victorian statement.

The chandelier trend has branched out to include hanging almost any kind of light fixture over the reception tables. Low hanging lamps with fabric shades in the wedding colors are a beautiful addition to a simple wedding design. The clean and classic lighting is unexpected, and also casts an inviting glow over the guests.

Rustic light fixtures are another interesting option. This idea works well for weddings held in places such as barns or lodges. Play up the ambiance of the venue with chandeliers created from rough-hewn branches with basic white candles (or electric candles). You can even take it to the edge of hunting lodge style with antler chandeliers. If you find the real thing a bit disturbing, look into some of the cool faux-antler light fixtures that are available. This could have thrown off in a really cool ironic sort of way at a quirky modern wedding.

For a totally modern take on the chandelier, hang a clear plexiglass box over the tables. Set multiples of white or ivory candles on the base, and let the flickering flames dance on the reception below. Finish off your tablescape with contemporary centerpieces set into a series of square vessels. This is an important thing to remember in general: the style of the chandelier should definitely tie in with the table décor below it.

Have fun when selecting the perfect chandeliers for your wedding. Whether you are having your wedding in a hotel, a tent, or even outside under the stars, there are some really fantastic ways that you can enhance the décor with hanging lighting. It would seem that the wedding chandelier trend is here to stay.