Trespade: The Leading Brand in Commercial Mincers

The Trespade brand has been an authority in innovative products since 1894. In fact, Trespade is accredited with manufacturing the first commercial meat mincer. The head office is located in Torino, Italy and their range of meat mincers and sausage fillers are distributed world-wide. They have models available for home industries and hunters to supermarkets and larger butcheries. The compact design, unsurpassed quality and reliability make Trespade the only choice when it comes to commercial meat mincers.

The Trespade No. 22 Mincer is the ideal mincer for farmers, hunters, game lodges and home industries. It is such a reliable and powerful mincer that it is also well-suited as a backup unit in large butcheries. You could make a variety of minces and add spices or additional ingredients that will make your brand of mince unique and more flavourful. It would a good idea to try out some mince recipes and discover which ones are suited for your home industry or game lodge. Then offer a selection of flavoured mince to your customers. The unique flavour along with the quality of mince that you use will have them coming back for more, which will, in turn, increase your establishment’s popularity.

This piece of commercial catering equipment has many benefits due to its design. It is, therefore, a powerful unit that is able to achieve high levels of output.

The Technical Specifications of the MNT0022 are as follows:

  • It has an output of approximately 180200kg per hour. You can make loads of mince within a day.
  • It has 0.56kW of power at 240 volts and 50 hertz. So there is enough power for continuous use.
  • The worm speed is 82rpm. It can quickly prepare the mince.
  • The machine’s weight is 18.5kg. It is a lightweight machine that you can place in any corner or on most surfaces in your commercial kitchen.

If you are in the hospitality industry then a high performing Trespade Mincer can help you maximize sales while saving you time and money. The Trespade brand is synonymous with functionality, precision, and unsurpassed reliability. It is manufactured to withstand many hours of use and is, therefore, an ideal piece of catering equipment for any busy establishment that serves many customers on a daily basis. If you are in the market for a commercial mincer look no further as the Trespade Mincer is the number one choice because of its performance and ease of use.