Trifecta Stack Review – Get The Scoop On This Workout Stack

The Trifecta Stack from LG Sciences is an all in once kit for building muscle and getting in shape. It is meant for men over the age of 21, since it contains a hormonal based series of products. Anyone under 21 should avoid hormones of any sort, since it is important to be fully matured before taking a hormonal agent.

That being said, if you are a male, over 21 then the Trifecta Stack may be for you. It comes with three potent muscle building agents, each having a different job in the stack. The first two, Methyl Masterdrol v3 and Methyl 1-D are meant to be combined for the first 4 weeks and Formadrol is meant to be taken as “PCT” which is post cycle therapy. You can also often find the kit with a free T-911 as well, which is good for boosting sex drive.

Methyl 1-D is a hormonal agent that converts into a cascade of androgens, including testosterone. It contains a metabolism complex that is very sophisticated and helps keep the hormonal agent from converting to unwanted hormones like estrogen and DHT. The metabolism complex also blocks key enzymes like Glucoronidase and Sulfotransferase, which clear hormones like testosterone from the body. This is the true power behind Methyl 1-D and why it is so potent. Preliminary clinical trials have shown testosterone levels of 550mg per deciliter, which is about equivalent to 550mg of testosterone by injection. Of course these values need to be further verified, but it is exciting as a preliminary study.

Methyl Masterdrol v3 is a hormonal based product that is dissolved in the mouth before swallowing. This allows some of the ingredients to pass through the oral mucosa and enter the blood stream directly. It is described as a “cutting and strength” agent, meaning it is going to increase aggression along with strength. The hormonal compound in Methyl Masterdrol v3 is what is called a “dry” compound, meaning it won’t at all convert to estrogen. Methyl Masterdrol is used to help harden your physique and increase strength. The metabolism complex helps keep the hormonal agent active for a long period of time.

Formadrol Extreme is a mixture of estrogen control agents like aromatase inhibitors and estrogen SERM blockers. These help boost testosterone by tricking the body into producing more testosterone. PCT or post cycle therapy is best used after a hormonal supplement to kick start the natural testosterone production and keep it high. This helps the person keep the gains that they had during their hormonal cycle. Formadrol Extreme also contains ginger extract, which has been shown to increase the ability of the testes to produce testosterone.

The Trifecta Stack has many good reviews and anecdotal reports online. Users report gaining any where from 10 to 15 pounds on the Trifecta Stack, but of course there are others that don’t respond.

The Trifecta Stack also includes a diet and exercise guide, which will help guide the user through the proper nutrition and exercises needed to gain the most possible mass. This is an important part of any diet and exercise program. It is important to have a detailed plan laid out for you and the Trifecta Stack certainly delivers a solid workout. It is also important for the person on the Trifecta Stack to eat the proper diet along with working out. Protein is key to gaining muscle and the Trifecta Stack’s diet plan shows you how to load up on the proper protein sources.

The Trifecta Stack is an all in one kit that is suitable for anyone over 21 who wishes to gain muscle and tone their body. The addition of the diet and exercise plan makes your chance of success far more likely!