Tropitone Patio Furniture – Table Assembly

If you recently bought several pieces of patio furniture then you know how hard it can be to assemble it. Oftentimes, you'll be required to assemble the chairs, the lounger and sometimes even the table. A few weeks ago, I was in this very position. I had purchased a Tropitone patio furniture set and was forced to assemble the table by myself. After putting it together, I decided to re-trace my steps and document how easy it was. Here are the steps that I went through to put together my patio table.

Your first step is to place the table-top frame upside down on a smooth, non-scratch surface.

Next, I attached the table legs to the angled interlocking double posts on the bottom side of the table-top frame.

Moving along, I placed the leg support brace into the clamp on the table legs. I used the 3/16 "Allen bolts and split washers that were supplied and installed them on the table legs.You will need a little patience for this step but it sets you up nicely for the table top assembly.

In this next step, I placed the top of the table-top upside down on a smooth, non-scratch surface. Then I placed the frame of the table upside down on the table top matching the table top frame with the frame channel.

To finish the job, I secured the table frame to the table top using the attachment bracket and a Phillips screws and washers and then lifted the table into position.

To be completely honest, the entire process took me about 10 minutes and was really quite simple.