Truck Bed Mat – Bed Protection Plus Liner Protection

A truck bed mat works in two ways to protect your truck. Used alone it’s one of the tougher bed liner choices. But it’s also a sensible way to protect a more expensive liner. Here’s why it’s the best protection.

Sure a spray on bed liner looks like the perfect finish for your pickup bed. No doubt a spray on liner is tough as well as good looking. After all, in many cases the spray on liner is even guaranteed for life.

It isn’t guaranteed that it won’t be damaged. It’s just guaranteed that it will be repaired. Until it is repaired, you’re driving around with a damaged liner. Who needs that?

That’s where truck bed mats enter the picture.

You have two types of mats you can use… There are rubber mats and carpet mats. Either is tough and can stand much use, but each is a bit better for certain uses.

Rubber bed mats work best in really hard use. The liner material is almost impossible to destroy. Any kind of rough cargo, concrete blocks for example, are no problem at all. The material just can take most anything. Really grimy, filthy loads don’t bother these either. Who wants a greasy mess on a liner? That’s no problem for the rubber mat.

Then there are carpet mats.

Carpet is tough too. But certainly really messy lads are going to make a mess of carpet. Not that the carpet couldn’t take it, it’s just a mess to clean. No, carpet liners work best for protecting fragile cargo, for cushioning and for padding. If you end up on your knees on a truck bed, carpet can really protect your knees too.

A truck bed mat is cheap protection for the paint on your pickup. But it’s more. It’s also a great way to protect an expensive bed liner from damage. Sacrifice the easy to replace rubber or carpet bed mat instead of the much more expensive liner.