Trump May Make History As a ‘Great’ President

When the United States election campaign commenced Donald Trump was not expected to win. Everybody including the political pundits had forecast that the winner would be Hillary Clinton. However, it did not happen that way and the Dark Horse Donald Trump stormed and won the election. He did not have the popular vote when he became president but that is because of the convoluted system of votes in America. Political stalwarts made forecasts that Donald Trump would be impeached. They also said he was unfit to be the president of the United States of America. Water flows down the river and like the Amazon it doesn’t flow back. Donald Trump has surprised many people by taking decisions which previous presidents had not touched with a pole.

Important decisions

The decisions that Donald Trump took are going to place Donald on a different footing than the earlier presidents. He has shown that he is a man made of a different metal as he has taken decisions that nobody else took. To start with he took the historic decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This was a momentous decision and now orders have been passed to shift the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Earlier American presidents all would put this shifting in their election manifesto but when it came to brass tacks developed cold feet and never carried out the shifting. One reason was they were scared to antagonize the Muslim world and the Arabs in particular. Donald, as I have said, taking the decision and though he angered the Arab world, he has not changed it. This shows that Donald has honored the pledge that he made during the election campaign

Another important point which needs to be mentioned here is that he has stopped the free lunches for the Palestine Arabs. The Palestine leader Mohammad Abbas was using American funds and paying them to the next of kin of terrorist killed in combat. Donald’s put a stop to and now there are no free lunches. He hs said that no aid from the USA would be coming in case it was being paid to terrorists. This is another major step which the previous American presidents were scared to take. This is a lesson to India where something similar is happening in Kashmir.

Terrorism and Islam

Another major decision Donald Trump took is identifying the source of terror. Terrorism, as we know, is the biggest danger in the globe today. Donald Trump has been the first man to identify Islam as a source of terror. He has repeatedly used the word “Islamic terrorism”. This word was an anathema to the previous American presidents, who were scared to use the word and identify terrorism with Islam. No such inhibition with Trump, as he has clearly identified Islam as a source of terror. He has followed up with the travel ban on Muslims from a few countries associated with terrorism to travel to the USA. This ban was challenged in court but now has been upheld by the US Supreme Court. Donald Trump has done a great service to mankind by identifying the terror groups as drawing sustenance from Islamic scriptures. Obviously, this is not to the liking of the Arabs and the Muslims but it is only a man like Trump who will call a spade a spade

Trump also identified Pakistan as a source of terror. This is something which was overlooked by American presidents, even when the Pakistan army had given shelter to the notorious terrorist Osama Bin Laden for close to 6 years. Trump has accepted that Pakistan needs to do much more to fight terrorism

One of the most far-reaching decisions of Trump is his slated meeting with the Korean Dictator Kim Jong. No American President had met any North Korean leader for the simple reason they could not look beyond their nose. Trump has broken the shackles and even earlier he had said that he would have no objection to meeting Kim Jong in the right circumstances

Great president

All this happens just after one year of Donald Trump rule. There are many more points which will not be part of this article which puts Trump as something apart from earlier American presidents. There is no doubt in case he completes his full term as the President of the USA he may very well be considered a great president for giving a new direction to the world, more for identifying Islam as a source of terror.