Try Composting and Reap the Rewards of Better Soil

If you want to make the most of your vegetable gardening, why not try composting if you are not yet doing it. It's a great way to make use of household scraps and trimmings from your garden. The end goal is having a great source of organic matter to add to your vegetable garden soil to help boost productivity.

This easiest way to get started is find a place in your yard you can start to pile up stuff. Stuff like any table scraps except meats, grass cuttings and leaves. The smaller you can cut your trimmings the faster they will compost. Keep the pile damp, it can take about a year for it to break down.

For a faster method, use an enclosed space like a three sided box. Add your ingredients like above and keep damp. Turn the pile a couple times a week to allow air to circulate and help decompose the matter. If you add some compost you already have it can help speed up the process. It could be ready to use in a few months.

If you want to spend some money at it, check out the compost barrels. They are supposed to make composting even faster. They are convenient in that you just turn the crank to rotate the barrel for mixing. This may be the cleanest way to compost.

I have even loaded up a large plastic bag with yard clipping and poked a few hole in the bag. I set the bags out where they are in the sun most of the day. The ends of the bags are not secured so I can add water if needed. A couple months time is what they usually need to turn to compost.