Trying to Outsmart a Home Security System

The average criminal will always try to find a way to outsmart whatever system they are up against. Unless the thief in question is high on drugs or mentally unstable, there is often an art to breaking into a home or stealing valuables from someone. As the Italian mafia families and famous criminals like Al Capone have shown us, the way to riches is often blanketed by the façade of a normal and well-doing lifestyle. This is precisely why many criminals, particularly those who break into private property, have devoted extra attention to the home security systems that many homeowners are beginning to install.

In the process of trying to break down the various components of modern home security systems, burglars and homeowners alike have found themselves baffled by the complexity of these units. For one, their size and discreet nature has made them virtually invisible to the untrained eye. Surveillance cameras are often installed in inaccessible locations that only the homeowner is aware of. Furthermore, motion detectors have also been developed to resist tampering and other kinds of maltreatment. Their locations are often inaccessible to people entering from outside of a house, and their effectiveness at recognizing suspicious activity is indisputable.

Commonly, thieves will spend some time assessing the particular home alarm system that may have been installed on a piece of property that they’ve targeted. If this doesn’t immediately deter them from following through with their plan, then they may try to gather information relevant to the homeowners and the particular schedules that they might have. Combined with research about how the neighborhood may or may not be under video surveillance, a plan of attack is the logical next step of the process.

While it may seem like a simple project to evaluate the home security system and schedules of those living within a particular home, it is actually a far more complex endeavor than what you might think. Consequently, even burglars who have trained themselves to outsmart these units are commonly caught in the act. The comprehensive nature of many units makes them difficult to evade. Hence, homeowners who install these systems often find themselves resting easier at night and feeling comfortable about the technology and its effectiveness at preventing criminal activity from taking place on their property.

No matter how much research a potential thief puts into their plan of action, it is virtually impossible to pinpoint every surveillance camera, motion detector and locked window without sharing the same house with you. Hence, homeowners who install home alarm systems often enjoy reduced insurance rates, a more relaxed lifestyle and a calmer community in which to raise their kids. Statistics show that property that has been protected with the right kind of technology is less at risk of being destroyed or broken into. Even the bad guys know that they’d be taking a serious risk if they plan on attack on a residence that employs the latest and most reliable protective equipment.