Tuberous Breast And Breastfeeding

Tuberous breast also known as tubular breasts is a malformation of the breasts. It occurs as a result of an inborn deformity of the breasts. The condition can arise in both men and women. Although present at birth, it is noticeable only when the breasts begin to develop. One or both breasts can be affected. During puberty, a hindrance in development of the breasts causes a failure in their full and normal development.

The appearance of tubular breasts is that they are cone-shaped and the nipple area is extended in the chest. The areolae are also enlarged. If a single breast is affected, the condition is called breast asymmetry. This condition causes embarrassment and low self esteem to most affected women.

How Does the Breast Deformity Affect Breastfeeding?

The shape and size of a woman’s breasts does not necessarily have much to do with whether they’ll have problems breastfeeding. There are women with small-sized breasts who have a good supply of breast milk. On the other hand, there are women with large breasts who have problems producing enough milk for their babies.

Low breast milk supply is usually caused by inadequate glandular tissues in the breast. Some milk glands may not be fully developed thus making it impossible for cells to give out milk. The breasts appear empty since there is no fullness of milk. However, some women with tubular breasts and well developed milk glands can still breastfeed even twins.

The Solutions

If you’re a woman who has this condition and would want to breastfeed your babies, there is some good news for you. You can follow these steps in order to improve your supply of breast milk:

• Lactation consultation – Ensure that you seek counsel from a lactation expert before you give birth. You’ll be advised on what to do before giving birth to ensure that you don’t have problems with your milk supply after your baby is born.

• Consider un-medicated birth – If possible, you should consider having an un-medicated birth.

• Breastfeed after birth – Try and breastfeed your baby immediately he/ she is born. This will alert your hormones, brain and milk glands to start producing milk for your baby.

• Breastfeed often – Try as much as possible to breastfeed your baby frequently and when they want to. This will increase your milk supply. Don’t follow a schedule for breastfeeding.

• Pump some milk – It’s advisable to start pumping and storing milk a few days after giving birth. You can store the milk in the freezer for future use. This increases the milk supply and may help you later in case your milk supply drops.

• Take some herbs – Consider taking herbs like fenugreek and moringa oleifera. They help many mothers increase their supply of breast milk.

If you have the breast deformity, it’s important to note that your baby can still get nutritious breast milk from you. All you have to do is just add a little more effort to get to the required amount of milk supply.