TV Lift Furniture – Luxury TV Furniture

If you are in the market for TV lift furniture, you should know normal cabinets are not made to encase your TV. You need furniture that will ensure your unit will function optimally. TV lift cabinets for flat screens are specially made to house complex electronics that enable your center to function correctly. Top quality materials manufactured with precise dimensions for the screen, lift, wires, and electronic juncture box complete one functioning system. Your lift cabinet system should work immediately. A system can be set up for at the foot of your bed, in a wall position, or free standing.

TV cabinets with lifts are pop up TV cabinets for your plasma, LCD, and LED flat screen. Experience the best way to view your TV with quality lift furniture. Cabinets that coordinate with your present room decorations are sleek and modern or traditional styles. Walnut burl and walnut, royal mahogany finish, ebony, white lacquer, Santos rosewood, dark mahogany, and Wenge are all very popular finishes to choose from. An access panel on the backside of the cabinet supplies easy access for cable management, future upgrades, lift adjustments, and basic maintenance.

Maybe you have had your flat screen TV for several years, and routinely clean it. There is a way to drastically cut down on the dust and environment your flat screen is subjected to. With a TV lift kit, you can choose to remotely convert your flat screen TV for viewing, or hiding it when you are not using it. Isn’t that better than it just sitting when you aren’t using it and collecting dust? A TV lift can be put in most anywhere. The bedroom, kitchen, motor home, yacht, or aircraft can be fitted with a lift kit that encloses the TV inside a cabinet or against any suitable support surface.

If a lift kit isn’t superior enough, how about a TV lift swivel? Have the luxury and convenience of having a perfect seat anywhere around your flat screen with a 360 degree swivel remote. The most durable lift available for purchase is all metal, completely welded, with every movement locked in with thick teeth into racks. The lifting system is smooth, quiet, and stable. The most up to date lift on the market has a rack-n-pinion system with a microchip based remote system. Its motors are built to withstand long term continual use. Rotation of 180 degrees in either direction is supplied via the remote.