TV Wall Mounting Brackets Are a Space Saver

Most living rooms are very full of furniture and it really wastes a lot of space to have a special stand, cabinet or shelf dedicated to your TV that takes up even more space that you can not afford to sacrifice. In addition, there are cables running to your TV that are unsightly.

A really great option to neaten up your living room is to hang your TV on the wall using TV wall mounting brackets. These handy little devices are relatively inexpensive when you company their cost to a stand, cabinet or shelf.

The only major decisions left are which wall you would like to hang your TV on and what type of TV wall mounting bracket you would like to use. There are three different types of wall mounting brackets.

1. Low Profile TV Wall Mounting brackets – the most simple type to install, but the disadvantages are that you can not move your TV to a different angle and you do not have access to the cables behind the TV unless you remove the TV from the wall .

2. Tilting Wall Mount – more expensive than low profile mounts, fairly simple to install and allows you to have full access to cables at the back of your set.

3. Full Motion Wall Mount – the most expensive choice, the most complicated to install (you may to enlist a few friends to help) but the most convenient, because you can move your TV around, side to side, up and down and change the angle to suit your needs.

When you shop for TV wall mounting brackets, decide first on which of the above three types of brackets you need. Next, measure your TV's height and width. It is also very important to know how much the set weighs. Once you know this information, your choice will be informed and easy to make.

Once you have your TV wall mounting bracket for installation, make sure that you have all of the tools you need for installation before you get started. Measure twice, or three times and drill once. Always check and double check your measurements before you drill any holes in the wall, and use a level and measuring tape (do not "eyeball"). If your TV is not level when it sits on the TV wall mounting bracket, it will definitely be noticeable. When you add the wall mounting bracket, it is a good idea to run your television cables through the wall. If you do not know how to do this, you may consider hiring a professional installer.