Two Killer Steps to Attracting a Girl Who Already Has a Boyfriend – Tactics to Seduce Attached Women

Have you ever met a girl and got attracted to her, only to find out what she is already going steady with another guy? The truth of the matter is – if a girl is hot enough, usually she is already in a relationship. What this means is that you’re already facing competition even before you start courting her. Disheartening, isn’t it?

Don’t fret, buddy – I will show you how to make a girl attracted to you, even when she is already attached. And all you need to do is to follow two simple steps.

However, there is a caveat which I have to tell you. If the girl that you want to attract is already happy with her boyfriend, there’s nothing much you can do, really. But, see this on the flipslide – if she decides to go out on a date with you anyway, it’s a surefire sign that her relationship with her boyfriend is not as fine and dandy as it seems. Which means that you have got a shot.

How to make her ditch her boyfriend for you then? Follow these two steps and you will have your work cut for you.

Step 1. Connect with her intensely and full of emotion. The keyword here is ’emotion’. There’s no chance in hell to ‘rationalize’ with her to make her leave her boyfriend for you. Therefore, you must evoke emotions so that she feels pleasurable when she is in your company. Couple this with the unhappiness that she feels when she is with her boyfriend, you will stand an outstanding chance to win. This is the extension of the ‘pain-pleasure’ principle used in the field of hypnosis and NLP.

Step 2. Amplify the weaknesses of her boyfriend. This is a highly sneaky way to tip things to your favor. Ask her to define the ‘perfect’ relationship. When she does that, she will inevitably compare this ideal relationship with the one that she has got currently. The boyfriend will look flawed compared to this, putting him in a disadvantaged position.