Two Little Used Types of Decorative Post Caps

A deck or porch is a luxury that most homeowners want to have on their home. They are so popular that it is one of the main selling points of a home on the real estate market, and a real estate agent will use it as one of his or her key hooks to attract a buyer. These versatile spaces are useful for almost any event or function that someone could throw at a home, meaning that a lot of people are going to see this area. Because of this, it is important to keep a deck or porch in an up-to-date condition. One way to accomplish this is the addition of decorative post caps. There are several different types to choose from, some of them being more popular than others. While some of them may be used less often than others, they are unique and stylish in their own way, and they are suitable for many different types of homes.

The style titled “Dynasty” looks exactly like it sounds. The unique design has the ability to transport someone from their home to an ancient Asian getaway. They resemble the homes from an earlier point in Asian history. The trim on the top and the bottom has a shiny copper finish. The detailed work in between is a gunmetal black. This particular style is also equipped with a light on the inside of the cap. This allows for the illusion that a light is on inside of the dynasty home. This particular style would pair will with a deck that overlooked a flower garden and just may make the homeowner find his or herself purchasing cherry blossoms to plant in their backyard.

Planters are also one of the most frequently overlooked decorative post caps. Perhaps the responsibility of keeping outdoor plants alive is daunting to the homeowners who do not have a naturally green thumb. The planter itself is made out of cast stone. There is a rounded copper planter and a black squared planter, which breaks up the monotonous terra cotta that everyone seems to use. It is durable and will be sure to stand up to the weather very well (the plants, however, are another issue entirely). In the bottom of the planter is a drain hole. This ensures that whenever the plant is watered, it is not overwatered. The water is unable to pool inside the planter and flood the roots. With this design, the roots are able to suck up the necessary water as it is travelling out of the planter, helping to keep the plant happy and healthy.

Decks and porches are a place that a homeowner can walk out on and escape into another world. Both of these little-used decorative post caps are extremely unique and help to do exactly this. They bring a little piece of another place-whether through ancient Asian adventure or a botanical escape-and allow the homeowner the freedom of stepping away from their busy, fast-paced life.