Types and Styles in Balustrades

Stairs have very significant role in our lives. The concept of stairs is very old, and the first stairs were manufactured by wooden logs. With the passage of time, people introduced new ideas to make the stairs safe and attractive. The concept of balustrades was introduced for this purpose. Balustrades are one of the important features of a house and are very significant because of providing safety as well as improving the beauty and look of a building or a house. They are made up of different materials including metals, stones, woods, glass or polyurethane etc. Plastic is never used for making balustrades.

These are required for stairs, terraces, floor openings or pools. Apart from these places, some external balustrades are also fitted in the areas of car parking, shopping centre, school, colleges and universities etc.

On the basis of their structure or construction material, balustrades can be categorized as steel balustrades, wooden balustrades, concrete balustrades, glass balustrades, stone balustrades, urethane and polyurethane balustrades, wrought iron types, aluminum balustrades, lace balustrades and wrought aluminum balustrades.

Iron is an abundant metal found on earth. It is used for many purposes owing to its low cost and high strength. Iron balustrades are also very common and liked all over the world, because they are less suspected of being damaged.

These are important for providing safety, so their construction should be carried out very carefully. They must be resistant to ultraviolet rays of the sun as well as moisture or humidity. This is the reason why balustrades made up of wood need special care and maintenance. All of those who are in a process of constructing homes must be aware of the general rules and regulations that must be followed in order to make the home a beautiful as well as a safe place. The height of the balustrades varies but there is a standard that must be followed by all the manufacturers of balustrades. For internal balustrades, the height must be 0.9m, and for external types, the height should be minimum 1.1m.

More variety can be seen in stone balustrades. These are found in straight, rounded or vase like shapes. The wooden balustrades are also designed beautifully. Wide variety of colours is also available, which makes it easier for the clients to choose from, according to their own choice or the one which suits the building.

The designers are trying to present new designs in order to satisfy the aesthetic sense of the clients. In some buildings, spiral stairs are constructed that have beautiful spiral types. Some of these are made in such a way that they become narrow with more upwards movement.

Plenty of information related to balustrades is available online on different websites. By availing the services of internet, people can access different online shops that offer a variety of designs and innovative ideas for stylish balustrades. It can help them in taking right decisions for the selection of balustrades. People can give suggestions to manufacturers as well.