Types of Body Plastic Surgery

Looking great, even perfect is not unachievable nowdays. With the help of plastic surgery, anything can be transformed into ideal shapes and sizes. And when talking about body plastic surgery, it must be said that there are various types of plastic surgery that, applied on certain parts of the body, clearly embellish one's look. But which are the most popular choices of plastic surgery? What do individuals in search of a perfect body opt for?

Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction and Breast Lifting

First of all, there is the breast augmentation. Without any doubt, this type of plastic surgery is the most popular one of all. If some time ago, small breasts were the reason of complexes and frustration, nowdays, small breasts can be turned into voluptuous, appealing big breasts that capture the eyes. Still, in this case of plastic surgery, there is a wide range of sizes and forms and many women opt for less obvious augmentsations, to simply improve what nature has given them. From models to actresses and other celebrities to regular girls and women of all ages, breast augmentation plastic surgery can be seen anywhere.

But the perfect breast do not just depend on the size. As a matter of fact, their posture and consistency are other essential features that promote their beauty. And in order to achieve that perfect balance, that perfect form and posture, women opt for the plastic surgery called breast lift. In the case of the breasts' posture, the small breasts have a great advantage, considering the fact that they are not as much influenced by gravity as the big ones are. Based on this reason, women with large breasts opt for both breast cuts and breast lifts. Basically, this type of plastic surgery consistors in removing the excess tissue and skin that tend to sag and provide that unaesthetic look. Even more, the nipple is reshaped and the breast gets a new and more appealing form. In some cases, breast reduction can be combined with breast lift and with a small breast augmentation, in order to obtain the perfect sized breasts.

Body Lifting

This plastic surgery is mostly used after a massive weight loss, when there is a great amount of sagging skin. Basically, this plastic surgery functions based on the same principles of face lifting, meaning that the skin is stretched up and the lumps and bumps are significantly reduced, if not eliminated. Still, the involved risks are higher in this case of plastic surgery, since this operation is considered a serious surgery – therefore, the recovering process takes more time. Even so, the results can be excellent.

Liposuction and Tummy Tuck

Liposuction is a very popular type of plastic surgery that is performed in order to remove the excess fat from certain areas. The difference between liposuction and tummy tuck plastic surgery is that the latter one removes the sagging skin, as well, surrounding tightening the area. Furthermore, tummy tuck is applied in the abdominal area and has excellent results when wan ting to remove stomach bulges. In the case of liposuction plastic surgery, a small incision is made in order to remove the fat excess from areas like tights, abdomen, inner knees and so on.