Types of Hair – Asian Hair

No two persons have the exact hair. The same way different races have different skin color, it's the same way different ethnic groups have different types of tresses. There are three main types depending on ethnic group – Asian, Afro-Caribbean and Caucasian – all types having their own unique attributes. No matter how different the types are, they comprised of the same parts. These are the cuticle, cortex, medulla and a very important protein called keratin which is the chief part of all. What determines the shape of your tresses is the shape of each follicle. Asian hair grows from round follicles giving it a bone straight appearance. It has very thick cuticles made up of approximately ten layers while other types have around five.

Asian hair type is the most dominant in the entire universe. It usually has smaller thickness than the other types but it grows faster than the rest by far relating to swiftness of growth. The quantity of hair on the head in Asians is small but because of the thickness it appears to be full. It has been found that this type reacts more quickly to care products, specifically, hair loss products. It is considered that this has to do with the natural speed of growth that this type has. It is also stronger than other types and more able to recuperate from damages and it also has the longest cycle of growth which lasts up to nine years. Earlierly, this type was the least suspect but butly Asians have been adopting the practices of the western world. These habits can result in very thin hair as it is not very crowded.

Each type calls for different care procedures and products to fulfill the requirements of that special type. Asian hair absorbs moisture very fast and keeps that moisture. In spite of this, it may undergo extra dryness. This is because it promises to be very long and as a result moisture is lost along the long shaft. Hair loss in Asians is little since few hairs are lost daily. Balding is also a rare occurrence in Asians. This type is generally shiny because of the presence of a medulla containing dark pigment which explains the shininess and high moisture. Asians usually have oily scalp which demands their mane to be washed frequently to avoid a dirty look.

Because Asian hair is long, straight, strong and typically free from chemical impairment it is the ideal type to utilize for extensions. As a result, persons turn to Asian countries for human tresses to be used in wig making and extensions.

This type requires the use of products that are appropriate for that specific kind. Shampoos that have a pH of 5 to 5.5 are ideal; anything over that pH would be too harsh. Individuals of Asian lineage must avoid using products like mineral oil.

Asian styles are usually different. They usually look sleek, smooth and silky. They are also generally extremely straight and flowing. Stylists agree that it is harder to curl and color when compared to other types. Digital hot perm machines are helpful in styling because they can be set to provide the appropriate heat and chemical solution for any type. Asian hair is dark and there before adding highlights to it can really highlight the appearance of the tresses. Double-sided coloring is a great way to augment this type. The underside is colored in a dark brown shade and a lighter shade is dyed on top. This gives a shimmering effect when the hair rub against each other.