Types Of Loaders Used In Construction

Loaders are the popular heavy machines, especially used in construction sites for carrying dirt, debris, mud, rocks, sand etc. and dumping these waste materials in to another vehicle or other machines so as to clean the area. This is a popular construction machinery and there are different types of loaders used in construction. The most common types are discussed here in.

Wheel Loader

A wheel loader is basically a front end heavy loading machine. This machine digs the materials from the ground and drag them to the dumping area. The bucket size and operating weights vary in different machines. There are two basic varieties: tyre mounted or track mounted. The more popular ones being the tyre mounted loader. They are easily movable and fast. The tracked mounted wheel loader is harder on paved roads and other surfaces and hence not very effective to be used in all cases. However they are helpful in loading of sharp edged materials which would otherwise destroy a tyre mount machine. The basic advantage of tracked one over the other is the increased traction.

Skid Loader

A skid loader is another variant of construction machine and often referred as skid steer loader. This type is a heavy engine driven machine and has lift arms, in which a number of attachments can be fixed for varied construction applications. There are two basic features that make this loader different from other varieties. A skid loader is very compact. It can turn around in an area irrespective of its length and hence can be used in small space as well. And secondly, the lift arms are attached to the sides of the loader and hence the lifting can be done evenly on both sides. There are two varieties of these machines: with rubber track or with 4 wheels.

Backhoe Loader

Backhoe loader is another popular engineering vehicle used in the construction industry. This is a loader in the body of a tractor, having a bucket or shovel in the front and small backhoe in the back. This is basically small in size and hence preferred to be used in small construction projects.