Types of Outdoor Lighting for Your Home

There are many different types of outdoor lighting, each one suited to a particular purpose and made to a different aesthetic. The first one of these is the landscape light, which is possibly the most versatile lighting option. This can be a very positive thing, as it can be placed in various different places around the exterior of the property and fit well in many environments.

An example of landscape lighting would be a floor lamp in a contemporary design that fulfills the duel purpose of being a standard decorative piece and also a light. These can be placed in a variety of locations, including in your garden, on decking, next to entrance ways and exits and next to steps or staircases.

These types of lighting are very useful at illuminating areas that you require to be well lit as well as adding a unique aesthetic of their own. They can often also be placed in areas to provide accent lighting rather than task or ambient lighting; placing a stunning lights sculpture on your deck or patio can give a warm glow and add interest to the space.

For those who are looking for more discreet functional lighting, consider investing in wall lamps to be placed at certain strategic points around your space. These are typically used at entrancesways and on staircases to ensure that there is adequate light for people to see by, avoiding accidents and making moving around at night a lot easier.

These can be as bold or discreet as you like, which is one great advantage of outdoor wall lighting. Designs often range from the most classic and traditional to some striking modern pieces that can set the tone for the entire outdoor space.

As wall lighting tend to get a lot of use – particularly at darker times of the year – it is advisable to consider choosing LED outdoor wall lighting, as this boasts many benefits such as a higher quality of light to see by, as well as the fact that it consumes a far less amount of electricity on a regular basis.

Due to the growing popularity of this technology, LED outdoor wall lighting is very easy to find from a variety of lighting specialists, meaning that you are bound to find something that is economical and practical as well as stylish enough for your tastes.

An even more form of outdoor lighting is decking lighting, which often consist of simple spotlights placed in and around the decking area to provide illumination without being intrusive, style-wise. These lights can be the perfect option for the minimalist home exterior.

These are also often available as LED outdoor lighting options, making for another economic and practical solution for the home. Due to their small size and often simple design, they often do not carry a very heavy price tag either, therefore representing excellent value for money.

Lastly, one option that many individuals overlook is that of hanging lamps for the exterior of a property. These work very well in covered outdoor spaces, making the perfect outdoor living space for those that want to relax or socialize outside long after the sun has set.

Again, these can be as extravagant or a tile as you want, and there are many designs available in traditional and contemporary styles that can make for a rustic or a modern outdoor space. To find the idea solution for you, consult with a lighting specialist to create an outdoor lighting plan that is both beautiful and functional enough for your exterior space.