Types of Schmidt and Bender Scopes

Schmidt & Bender is a German company that is known for its high quality optical glasses. It is one of those rare companies that do not manufacture various kinds of optical devices. It, rather, specializes in manufacturing riflescopes. Another USP of Schmidt and Bender scopes is that these are hand assembled. The kind of quality and precision that they offer is exceptional. Countries, like, Hungary place special orders with this company. The uniqueness in these riflescopes lie in their precision and the way they ensure good quality for each product. This makes the S%B products one of the best in the industry.

Features of Schmidt and Bender Scopes

Thus some of the features that are constant in every Schmidt and Bender Scope are:

High quality optical device


Ideal for Close shots with high magnification

Illuminated reticles

Impressive focal point

Suitable for both short and long range huntings

Types of Schmidt and Bender Scopes

As far as types are concerned, these are the following collections that is offered by Schmidt and Bender:

Classic product line for hunting.

Exos Line for hunting

Stratos line for hunting

Zenith product line for hunting

Police Marksman (PM) product line for the military and law enforcement

Police Marksman II (PM II) product line for the military and law enforcement

MILITARY MK II product line for the military

Description of Different Types of Schmidt and Bender Scopes

Let’s start with the Exos range. This range of rifle scopes generally exceed the 8X zoom and comes with exclusive technical features like the FlashDot reticle or the CC mode. This model is suitable for being used for both long and short range huntings. The CC mode provides a handle on the parallax. It sports an elegant design and has unique functionality. Even at low magnifications, this scope can be perfectly used for accurate viewing.

Next on the list is the Stratos line that is ahiled as the next generation rifle scope. It sports innovative technology with 5X glass zoom. You can also adjust the lighting within the scope manually. These adjustments will depend on the personal preference of the hunters. Armed with the FlashDot technology of lighting, the Stratos line has brilliant optics provide a constant contrast with the entire field of view at differing magnification ranges.

The Zenith line is probably the best model suitable for hunting. Their slim appearance and aesthetic appeal are some of the USPs of this model. This model too is provided with FlashDot technology. In fact this technology was first introduced in this range. The change from the smallest to the largest magnification on a 180 ° rotation of the magnification was first introduced in Zenith scopes. Presently it offers 4 different kinds of glasses.

The Classic Range is one of the oldest and finest model offered by Schmidt and Bender. It has faced tremendous development and a facelift in the recent past. their robust build ensure that these can be used in the toughest hunting conditions. Thus, these are quite popular with the passionate hunters.They offer the riflescopes with constant variable magnification.

PM II High Power, PM II Ultra Short and Police Marksman riflescopes are perfect for military and other defence personnels. For precision from extremely long distances, these are perfect pieces. Sporting high end technology these are perfect for identifying distant targets.

Thus, the Schmidt and Bender scopes provide a wide variety of chance for the serious shooters and hunters. Over the years they have developed a reputation for themselves and are still going strong.