Types of Seat Covers

Just like any other seat, car seat cover is one of the mainstreams used in cars. These covers offer a diverse range of texture, color, materials, and even patterns. It is important to choose within a wide range of varieties or by customized specification to match the interior of the car. Since the car is used for transportation, it is significant for us to travel with style and comfort. And the best way is to have a cool and comfort seat cover.

There are several types one can choose from and these include:

• Sheepskin

The quality for this type of seat cover is the comfort you get from it. It goes with three styles, which are the tailor-made, tailor-made with stretch, and custom skin. The good thing about it is that it lasts long, offers pure comfort, and it's washable. It is also very convenient to handle.

• Vinyl

This material is usually used for trucks and heavy equipped construction machineries. It is made with durable material which will last long. Installation is easy and the way you clean it is just to wipe using a damp cloth.

• Neoprene

This US made material is totally worn to perfection. The process of customizing the fit for the seat cover would be fully computerized and the best thing is that it has UV protection, water resistant, and fully breathable.

• Camo

This is barely used for style. It is used to cover up and protects the original cover seat. If you're highly adventurous and into military fashion, then this would suit you best. It is used for various car brands such as Chevy, Toyota, Ford, and Dodge.

• Realtree camo

The material used in this is originally made from a real tree. The durability would definitely last long, and the installation is easy. It is also machine washable and totally earth friendly. There are varieties to choose from this material and is often used by several car brands.

• Condura

For high endurance protection, this one will fit your needs. The good thing about this material is the quantity of protection it gives. Used for heavy industry used, it has long lasting maximum protection and waterproof as well and good to use for pets.

• Aztec

Commonly used and made in the United States, this is made of poly-cotton material and with breathable side pad lining, which offers comfort, durability, and protection compared to an ordinary product.