Types Of Softwood Lumber Along With Their Applications

If you have knowledge about lumber, then you must know that there are two types of lumber namely, softwood and hardwood lumber. Almost every company in the world supply either one of these two lumber or both. If you have your own store and want to pick a lumber, then you should go with the softwood lumber because there are so many products that you can make using softwood lumber.

There are basically four trees from where you can get the softwood lumber. Each of these lumber is used in specific applications and has unique benefits. So, I would like to tell you about these trees. Let me start with a lumber that you will easily find in a forest. Cedar is the named of it and this lumber is very durable and extensively used in homes and offices. The wood of cedar is water resistant, which is one of its top qualities.

Moreover, this tree is resistant to bugs, rot or bacteria, so making it perfect for long term use. It is also used extensively for the outside uses because it does not crack easily. You can use it for flooring, roofing, siding and many other applications. This has all been made possible due to its water resistant property.

The second most popular softwood lumber used in the world is Fir. Although, it is quite weaker than the cedar, but it is extensely used to make plywood and indoor paneling. Most people like using it for indoor purpose. The reason for not using it on the outside of the building is due to its susceptibility to bugs. Although, you can use it by doing a certain treatment, but it is recommended that it should be used for indoor purposes only. People use this lumber as Christmas trees as it offers a great festive essence in the house.

The third name that I would like to tell you is Pine. You can use this lumber for indoor use as well as in making a wide range of applications. You can make floors, roofs, window frames and all sorts of furniture using the Pine lumber. The wood of Pine tree is quite strong and durable, but it lacks water resistant properties. Therefore, you can not use this wood for outside use without the treatment process. If the wood is treated properly, then the durability factor increases significantly, therefore making this wood strong enough to withstand all sorts of weather conditions.

The fourth name that I have included in my list is of the Redwood because this wood has an exceptionally long life span compared to the other woods. The Redwood is used in the construction process and for making stylish furniture. You must have seen fiber boards as they are used by the artists to make beautiful sculptures. They use Redwood for that because this wood has the strength and durability to withstand the pressure, yet maintaining its softness.

The furniture that you use in your house and offices are made up of softwood lumber, which could either be Cedar, Fir, Pine or Redwood. Even the wooden toys that you buy for your kids are made of softwood lumber. The best thing about the softwood lumber is that it can be shaped to form anything. You can make knickknacks, jewelry boxes, pen stand or anything with softwood. This wood is very popular through the world because everyone needs it. The countries who have the softwood in abundance process and export it. If you want to buy softwood lumber, then you should only consider the renovated and reputed companies because only they have the best quality softwood lumbers.