Types of Tallahassee Homes

If you are looking for Tallahassee homes for sale you can find homes that range from a sixty thousand dollar three bedroom frame home with one bathroom to a 4. 9 million dollar mansion. Homes are available in many different price ranges to suite every taste and budget.

If you are interested in the sixty thousand dollar home, you should know that it has less that one thousand square feet in floor space, no garage and is on a lot that is less than half an acre. Monthly payments on the property would be about 269 dollars per month.

The bedrooms in this home are very small, being ten by ten, ten by nine and ten by eight.

If the 4. 9 million dollar estate is more your style, it has five bedrooms and eleven baths. This home has over ten thousand square feet in floor space and a guest house that is two and one half times the size of the first property described. The home has frontage on a lake and a golf course. Monthly payments on this home would be over 22,0000 dollars.

These homes are at the extreme ends of the list in Tallahassee homes. In actuality, you may not be interested in either of those extremes. More than likely, you will choose somewhere in between.

At the lower end of the price range, many of the homes that are offered are town homes. They, as well as many homes built in newer subdivisions have homeowner’s associations to whom the homeowners must pay annual fees. These fees take care of property designated as common areas for the development.

At the upper end of the range, you will find many large, well built homes that offer great views and exclusive neighborhoods. However, your monthly payment may be twenty two thousand dollars, every month.

Choosing a home is a very personal decision. In addition to income and ability to pay, one must choose the home that best reflects his or her personality.