Types of Verandas

There are lots of reasons for wanting to build a veranda onto your home, and there are also plenty of different types to choose from. But the one thing that you are sure to get as a result of your efforts – regardless of what type, size or style you choose – is the satisfaction of having a brand new area of your home to enjoy.

Once you have worked out the amount of space you can devote to this new addition, you will need to decide what style you want to opt for. The one you eventually choose may depend on what kind of property you have and how you want to make use of the space.

Here are a few examples of the verandas you can have:


A veranda which features a curved roof can take on a more unusual and elegant feel compared to the more straightforward designs. It offers you shelter from the sun, but also opens up the veranda in a way that a flat roof will not.

The advantage of a curved roof is that it can also be combined with other types of veranda. This is an ideal solution if you have the space, as it breaks up what would otherwise be a continual flat roof and gives it more interest, adding a focal point to the whole structure.


This is the simplest design, and one of the most versatile. No matter what kind of area you want to cover or what shape you would like it to be, the flat roof can accommodate most ideas and desires.

The open nature of this design enables a great sense of versatility as well; for example if you have an outdoor pool near your house you could extend the roof so that it curves around the edge of it, giving an extra sense of symmetry.


This is a more complex and stunning design, and the presence of clear sections in the roof design means you will still get a lot of light streaming into the area, no matter how big the finished gazebo is.


If you need something versatile then a pergola may fit the bill, as it doesn’t have to be attached to your home. The advantage of this design is that it enables you to keep the sheltered area very light and airy.


It’s wonderful to have a veranda that keeps the sun off you when the weather is too hot for words, but sometimes it’s nice to see the best of the weather. A sunroof enables you to do just that, as it has louvers which can be opened or closed whenever you like.


If you like the style offered by a pitched roof, then the gable design will serve your needs well. This looks ideal if you have an outdoor space with a table and chairs situated right underneath the roof itself.

There are other styles of veranda which may also complement your home, but as with any major structure like this it is always a good idea to ask a professional which style you would benefit from the most.