Ultrasonic Dishwasher Brings Emancipation to Housework

The dishwasher is widely used all over the world. The dishwasher is manufactured in complete sets of equipment in American and Europe, while the small size of the device is welcomed in Japan. It is reported that the sales amount of kitchen equipment reaches more than thirty billion US dollar, and the output of dishwasher is more than ten million nowdays.

The device is very popular because it really makes the housework easy at home. Modern people are very busy with work all the day that little time is left to do housework. Washing dishes is always a loathsome work after dinner because the ordinary detergent may hurt the hand. The ordinary dishwasher is not good enough to meet all the requirements; For instance, it can not clean every corner of the deep bowl. The ultrasonic dishwasher is invented to make up the shortcomings of the ordinary one, which is suitable to wash the bowls with heavy grease.

The ultrasonic dishwasher is consistent of ultrasonic signal generator and the cleaning trough. The device can release vast power via the process of bubble rupture, forming tremendous impact to the surface of bowl. The dirt in the surface and crevice will be cleaned quickly with the impact.

This device is able to clean the dish from all direction, and ideal for the deep bowls which is hard to clean by the traditional machine. It can wash the dishes quietly and quickly. The time that spends by the ultrasonic dishwasher is much shorter than the ordinary one. The function of disinfection is also added to the new device, utilizing the intensity, frequency and time of ultrasonic to kill the bacterium.

More advantages are listed below when the ultrasonic dishwasher was compared with the traditional one. Firstly, it does not need the electric machine, water pump, pressure water or circulated water when it is working. All the work is finished by the vibration of water, therefore, it causes little noise and be electric and water saving. Secondly, the construction of the new device is very simple, which does not need some complex components. It will have less chance to cause malfunction, and has longer service life. Thirdly, the ordinary dishwashers are quite too much on the professional detergent, while the ultrasonic dishwasher has no requirement to the detergent which is just the provisional thing. The related integrated circuit of dishwasher is ADC12662