Unclog A Drain – Everything You Need to Know About It!

Every house has more than one drain and it is a good enough guess to say that almost every house has had experiences with a clogged drain at least once. This is the reason why every household should be armed with everything they could learn about a clogged drain and how to unclog a drain.

The Usual Causes

A clogged drain does not happen by itself. However, you would probably need to unclog the drains if you do not know how to take care of them properly.

A kitchen or sink drain can often be clogged by food particles or even just by oil, fat, or grease. A bathtub drain or shower drain can often be clogged or blocked especially with hair or any material that could fall into the drain like jewelry, shampoo bottle caps, or small washcloth.

The Usual Solution

Just like with any problem, the best solution to a clogged or blocked drain is prevention. Regularly cleaning your drains would prevent you from having to unclog a drain. Aside from this, placing waste traps or strainers that fit right on the mouth of the drain could help prevent big materials from falling into it.

Sometimes though, a clogged drain is not easily preventable especially if there are a lot of people using the kitchen and the bathroom. You do not need to immediately call a plumber or an expert in unclogging drain to solve your problem. However, it is important to find a solution to your clogged drain as soon as possible. Aside from being messy, annoying, and inconvenient, a clogged drain is a health hazard because the dirty water could spread, risking infection to anyone who gets in contact with it.

The easiest solution is to find a home product for unclogging drains. The simplest of these products is a simple plunger which unfortunately, does not offer a quick and hassle-free remedy. There are other products, easily available in hardware and home repair stores, which would make the task easier. Among these are cable augers, high pressure water jets, or drain unclogging solutions.