Under Deck Waterproofing

UnderDeck waterproofing system can be used as a waterproof ceiling over your deck or as a waterproofing system underneath your upper deck. This creates an attractive ceiling for your lower deck while keeping it dry. This also allows you to display the beautiful wood surface of your upper level deck, unlike other waterproofing systems that cover up the original surface of your deck. UnderDeck is installed beneath the surface of your deck allowing you to enjoy a wooden deck without having water problems on the lower level.

UnderDeck waterproofing is a vinyl ceiling that attaches to the underneath of an existing deck. This system was created for an amateur to install in a few hours. The system is made of interlocking parts that are easy to cut and install. The vinyl system gives your ceiling a corrigated look. Water and other liquids from the upper deck are diverted into gutters and quickly sent on their way. Seamless gutters and downspouts can be used to quickly direct liquids away from your home.

Vinyl waterproofing materials used in the UnderDeck system are maintenance free. Once you put this system up it is ready to go. You can spray it clean with a hose. There are not any materials that are going to react adversely with pressure treating materials you may choose to use on your deck. Painting your deck is also possible with this system in place.

Another system similar to this is the American Dry Deck system. This system is made of a polyvinyl material. Both systems are currently offered in tan and white. You can remove the panels to install lighting, ceiling fans, and other features. If a panel does get damaged, you can remove and replace it without having to completely replace the whole system.

If you prefer a smoother ceiling, the aluminum panels used in the Dry Under Decks system may be a better choice for you. This system is made of large aluminum panels that interlock together to hide the gutters as well as all screws and nails. The aluminum is coated with a scratch resistant coating that protects the aluminum ceiling.

Under deck waterproofing systems such as these make it possible to use the space under your deck while keeping water away from the structure. This will help you prevent dry rot as well as increase the amount of usable dry space available. The vinyl systems take up a little headspace (approx 2 inches).

Whether you are looking for a ceiling for your lower level deck or if you are wanting to create a dry place to store your lawn mower and gardening tools these waterproofing systems will help you reclaim the space under your deck.