Underground Waste Separation and Recycling Unit – Gemini 2

Gemini 2 occupies very little road space while offering large storage capacity thus reducing collection frequency. A Gemini 2 system significantly improves the hygiene conditions tied to garbage collection as well as improving the urban decoration of the town. Gemini 2 consists of a carbon steel free-standing tank which is treated against corrosion. The underground tank acts as the supporting structure and permits installation of the system without additional brick or reinforced concrete foundation works. This technology permits fast and easy installation and makes it simple to move the underground unit if necessary. – The tank contains 2 skips with a capacity of 4,000 litres each – The two internal skips are in sanded and painted carbon steel or AISI 304 stainless steel and are unloaded by the same single-operator side-loading self-compactor


The user places the garbage bag into a single tower positioned – above ground — at the centre of the paving or covering. The user opens the lid simply by pressing the single electric button on the tower. The garbage is stored in one of the two underground skips that remains under the tower until it is full. When the skip is full, the system automatically moves the full skip and places the empty skip under the mouth of the loading tower. On request the tower may be supplied with two buttons (instead of one) allowing the user to dispose of two different types of waste separately at a single collection point. To shut the lid, simple press the same button or (if the user forgets) the lid closes automatically after a preset time. The tower has a programmable timer to allow opening of the lid only within specific times (for example it is possible to prevent opening at night). An optical reader (installed in the built-in section) controls the capacity of the skips and a red lamp (next to the lid button) on the tower will flash to warn the user or operator that the skip is almost full. The same lamp lights up when the skip is full: in this case the system automatically blocks the lid to prevent the introduction of garbage. A remote control system is used to empty the skips and allows the driver of the compactor to open the lid, move the skip selected and lift it to road level.

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