Understanding Communication Barriers

Communication is a way to keep you connected with other people. It helps us share thoughts and ideals with one another. There are a number of things that can be a communication barrier. The most common communication barriers are poor grammar, mispronouncing words, using words incorrectly, misreading body language, and cultural differences.

The choice of words influences the quality of communication. Some word can be interpreted in different ways by different people. It is quite possible that two people will not attribute the same meaning to the same word depending on its usage. Hence to overcome the language barriers, always use the accurate and understandable words.

One of the most common barriers to reception is a lack of attention on the receiver’s part. People generally drift off if they are forced to listen to information they cannot understand easily. To overcome this barrier, reword what you have understood and clarify the meaning by asking questions.

Differences in background may be one of the most difficult communication barriers to overcome. Age, gender, education, social status, economic position, temperament, religion, popularity and political belief can separate one person from another and make understanding difficult. The barriers related to differing backgrounds can be overcome by avoiding over exposing your culture or background.

When communication barriers are eliminated, better relationships emerge. When positive conversation skills are developed, relationships grow. Hence, relationships are primarily based on how we talk to each other and build bridges of understanding.

After all, you can learn from those that are considered masters in communication. Spend time listening to them, pay attention to what they do and say, and put what you have learned into practice.