Understanding Concrete Pool Lining Options

Every swimming pool must have a liner, whether it is a vinyl liner, concrete liner, or a fiberglass one. Concrete pools are one of the most dependable types of pools and are usually in the ground. They provide the most options when it comes to pool liners.

Tile Liners

Tile can include numerous colours and can also be used to create simplistic images along the pool floor and walls. They come in various materials, such as fiberglass and ceramic. They take a long time to install, but the beauty they provide is well worth the time and/or effort.

Concrete Liners

Painted concrete surfaces present an opportunity for good creativity. They allow the pool to have fancy, appealing shapes or various forms because the floor and walls can be painted, no matter what shape the pool is. In other words, it is a flexible pool liner so to speak, even though it is just painted concrete. In addition, paint can be used to create works of art on the walls and floor for that extra touch of both luxury and style. The paint that is used on concrete pool linings is usually either a rubberized paint or an epoxy one.

Vinyl Pool Liners

Even though vinyl pool liners are typically used for above-ground pools, they have also evolved into being used as concrete pool liners. They are especially beneficial for concrete walls and floors that have been chipped, cracked, or weathered. They come in many designs, colours, and styles so you can find one that suits your needs.

Pebble and Aggregate Liners

For those that worry about slippery surfaces, pebble pool liners are the perfect solution. They provide a slightly rough surface that does not hurt the feet due to their design. The aggregate materials used in combination with the stones only protrude a little bit from the surface. This type of liner adds natural beauty that is enhanced with sunshine. Depending on the design and materials used, the sun can make the pool surface sparkle.

For aggregate liners without stones and pebbles, the surfaces are flat. They usually include chips and particles that create a speckled design. The materials are usually mixed in with concrete to form the liner that goes over the existing concrete liner. There are many colour options for these as well and you can choose the speckling design you like. Some even include things like seashell pieces or other beautiful accents.