Understanding the Art of Dale Chihuly

One of the things that can define a culture is the different types of artwork that are created. Throughout the years, there have been many different styles and types of famous artwork that have made a statement on different cultures. One style of art that is very popular is sculptures.

One of the great things about sculptures is that they can be created from a variety of different materials. Another aspect of sculptures is that they can either be abstract or realistic. One popular artist who uses sculptures to make a statement is Dale Chihuly.

The type of material that Dale Chihuly uses to create his sculptures is glass. What separates Chihuly from other artists in the same field is his use of color. In 1967, Chihuly was one of the first artists to begin using argon, neon and blown glass to create his magnificent sculptures. His different styles of art lead him to be co-founder of the Pilchuck School in Washington. He also served as the director of the school from its inception in 1971 until 1989.

Dale Chihuly and his associates have helped to forever change the art of creating sculptures from glass. Chihuly and his associates have created new shapes of blown glass and have also been able to redefine some of the existing shapes of blown glass.

What makes Chihuly's sculptures different from those of other artists is how he arranges the different parts of the sculpture. The first technique that he used to create his sculptures was to create each individual piece of the sculpture and then attach all of the separate pieces together. He later created a method of forming molds that could later be used to create art pieces which possessed ribbed motifs. He is also well known for his use of brightly colored glass.