Understanding UK Show Plate Laws

In November of 2008, displaying personalised number plates on your vehicle became an offence. The driving factor in this motor vehicle law change was to deter car thieves from obtaining a seemingly legal number plate and attaching it to a stolen vehicle, thus making it difficult to spot the stolen car. These new laws ascertain that every number meets a certain criteria set. Number plates not conforming to these standards are considered show plates and must be used for off road purposes only. If show plates are used on the road, the act may be punishable in several ways.

If you are considering show plates for your vehicle, make certain they comply with current DVLA standards. These standards state that the plate must be permanently and clearly marked with standard British numbers. The typeface, font size and colouring have restricted standards as well. Finally, the plate must clearly bear a mark identifying the manufacturer of the plate and the postal code from where it was received. The symbols on the plate are subjected to spacing standards and may not convey any potentially offensive or inappropriate message.

If the plate is not in compliance with these DVLA standards, the offender may be punished. Show plates used as standard plates may receive the following punishments. A fine of €2,500 and/or suspension from the register for up to five years may be received. Because the regulations are strict and the punishment is firm, be certain that you do not use a show plate for on-road purposes. Reputable plate manufacturers are well versed in the rules and regulations of DVLA plate standards. These regulations have caused much controversy among motorists.

Motorists who are frustrated with this law have taken to blogging about their gripes with each other. And though buyer should beware, you can take solace in the fact that you can still have show plates that make their mark, so to speak, just be certain they comply with current regulations. Get your creative mind in gear and you can find a legal way to let the world know you have three sons, this is your first car, or what your favourite numbers are. If you can find something creative enough to fit the bill, your non-conforming show plate can make a nice wall hanging that becomes a quick conversation piece. With design your own plate pages, making certain your plate complies has never been easier.