Understanding Your Pool Equipment

If you own a swimming pool it is very important to understand the equipment. Pool services can give you the peace of mind you need to keep your pool equipment in tip top shape. This will definitely save you money in the long run. It will help you avoid costly mistakes caused my improper pool maintenance and faulty equipment.

Your swimming pool system has many different components that must be check on regularly and maintained to insure proper functioning. If it is not properly maintained, the pool owner can incur unnecessary expenses for repairs and / or extra power and water charges. Here is a look at each part and what they do.

Pool Pump – This circulates the pool water through a filter to remove dirt and debris. The circulated water is treated with chemicals in the process as well.

Pool Motor – It is powers the pump that circulates the pool water to filter the water

Pool System Control Panel and Remote Controls – This system control panel helps pool services or pool owner monitor the conditions of the pool.

Salt System Control Panel and Remote Controls – The salt system control panel provides the pool services or pool owner the ability to monitor the salt system.

Automatic Cleaners – Automatic swimming pool cleaners, such as the Barracuda and White Tiger, are machines that many pool services use to thoroughly clean the surfaces of your pool

Filter System – A swimming pools filtration service is the system that cleans the water by filtering debris and unwanted particles from it. The pool pump directs the water through the filter system where is is cleaned.

Filter Cartridge – There are a variety of types of filter cartridges that are used in the filter system to clean your pools water. Your pool services can tell you which one is right for your particular pool.

Main Drain – The pump circulates through the filtering system to remove dirt and debris. The water flows through two or more main drains located at the lowest point at the bottom of the pool.

Skimmer Boxes – Water that circulates in a swimming pool passes through skimmer boxes around the top edge. The work much the same way that the main drains do, but they only skim water from the surface.

Chemical Hold Floaters – These provide a means of distributing chemicals into a pool. They are containers that hold chemicals and float in the water. The chemicals are then dispensed at a slow and consistent rate.

Valves – There are multiple valves: automatic check valves, suction valves, return valves, etc.). All of these regulate the flow of water through the filter system. Pool services can make sure yours are working properly.

Chlorinators (salt systems) – These are the systems that dissolve the proper amount of chlorine into the water to keep the water safe and clean. It is important to keep the chlorine at the proper levels.

Heaters – Some pools are heated and heaters are used to warm the water.

DE Filters – DE filters are able to filter out the tiniest particles from the water.

As you can see there are many parts to a swimming pool system that must be carefully maintained. Pool services know how to keep your pool operating efficiently and will help you avoid unnecessary expense to your equipment.