Unfinished Oak Flooring Installation

Unfinished oak flooring installation is a straightforward process that uses raw hardwood panels to create an attractive floor that is known for durability and strength. It is highly recommended that installation be done by wood plank flooring professionals, unless someone is an experienced do-it-yourself type. Even though it is a straightforward job it is labor intensive and requires skill to achieve successful results.

Each unfinished oak panel has to be precisely fit together to give the floor area stability, so that it can be manually or machine sanded without any problems. After these two steps are completed wood stain will need to be applied. A big reason people prefer unfinished oak flooring is they can customize the color and look of wood plank flooring by choosing a shade that fits their design taste.

Before committing to any wood stain shade test a few different colors on extra planks. After drying these samples will accurately show how the finished floor will look when it is done. The most regularly used stains are natural for that bare wood style. Light gently creates a soft tan. Medium adds a darker hue. Dark has very rich and traditional feel to it. Custom staining offers more colors like red and green. It is entirely up to personal taste and style on what to decide on.

After the stain has fully dried the floor will need to be buffed out and cleaned. This allows for the first coat of polyurethane finish to be applied to seal in color and protect the wood. After the first coat dries it will be lightly sanded and cleaned completely with a tack cloth, then the second coat can go on to ensure the floor is protected for years to come.

Installing unfinished hardwood flooring continues to be a popular home improvement choice for many households. Many people comment on its beauty and investment value while being easy to clean daily. Installation can be done by a professional or by an experienced do-it-yourself person.