Unique Chandeliers – 3 Different Kinds of Chandeliers to Give Character to Your Home

There are many kinds of unique chandeliers out there, made from all sorts of different materials, each giving a room something different, something unique. And with all the different mediums out there to create such things, you pretty much have infinite possibilities. All you have to do is determine the style you want, and make sure that it suits your current theme, even if they can be injected into your home with ease.

Crystal Chandeliers

These kinds of chandeliers can have a multitude of colors, and if the lights are placed at exactly the right place, can cast a rainbow of colors all around you, bathing you in a multitude of lights. This can create some pretty impressive illusions, that can be watched all day, never seeing the same thing twice. The candles, or lights are usually placed in redetermined locations, to get the best lighting effect possible.

Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Can be created into just about any kind of shape, or size. If you can find a superb craftsman who specializes in iron work, then you could easily come back with anything you wanted. You like planes? Well, get a good enough crafter and you could have your very own f-19 fighter jet wrought iron chandelier.

Do you see where I am going with this? You could easily create a house theme, and then have the theme put into every room in your room. Sometimes you just need to have fun and mix it up every once in awhile.

Rustic Chandeliers

Usually created from antlers, branches, and even twigs. These kinds of chandeliers can even considered a trophy chandelier, because of the fact that the most common kind are deer, elk, and moose antlers that make up the bulk of them. If you have enough pieces, and patience, you can create a work of art to be honest, and then add the candles, and melted wax, and you add a certain charge to the room its in.

These are just 3 unique chandeliers out of a possibility of thousands, maybe even tens of thousands. You just need to make the choice of how you want that room to look, and want you even might want to say about yourself, and the way you think.

Just remember, these tend to be the main focal point, and should definitely hold some charm, and give that room its only style, and story.

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